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What happen with the registration mail?!

Am, sorry but can you make a more fine looking menus in the game? I only see the main menu and its the basic buttons from Unity. I made a 5min try to create another looking and is weird too. Look XD

The way the menu looks is not on my top priority list right now.  But thank you for the suggestion.


Can you please validate my account?

Username: Trips


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the game would be awesome with some new features, like a battle royale mode with a limit of time, or with a better items respawn system cause its quite difficult to find something to protect yourself when you just enter the match, also more axes, an indicator in the map so you know were you are, and increase the frequency of helicopter drops, also there is a problem while going down a mountain, sometimes the character suffers damage when falls a height of 10 cm with no reason, the main problem in my opinion are the items, you spend hours looking for weapons and stuff

This is a survival game. So it's intended to be hard to find items. You are encouraged to search, setup camp, hunt.

This game will not get a battle royale mode, there are plenty of battle royale games around.

There will be no indicator on the map too, because it's a paper map. Just like a real paper map, it doesn't magically show you where you're at. You can use the sun and landmarks to navigate. For more info see:

The helicopter drops a care package once a day. Always at the same time. Be ready for it. Prepare.

About fall damage, don't run off the mountains. You can't do that in real life as well without breaking an ankle.

If you're not ready for a survival experience, you should probably avoid this game. If you are, buckle up because Survius can be a hostile place.


I want to know why my forum account was banned when I tried to make a complaint of racism that happened during the game. My forum account is: Sage Emperor and the banishment happened today, 03/29/2018.

I lifted your forum ban.

validate my account plz


I really like this game, its easy to run and the graphics are good keep it up. Is this the latest version?

Here are some stuff that you guys should add

-Matchmaking system because i really want to play on a lan server

-More options like controls 

-First person mode 

-Helth bar more deatails e.g gun ammo if the player needs food, water or medicine 

Right now the game is awesome. KEEP IT UP!

and my friends too

validate my account please i want to play your game

validate my account plz

guys , the validation is in your email , in "Spam" exactly .

What do you mean?

can you validate my account pls cant log in


validate my account pls

HI How do you make an account for this game. I registered and went back to sign in it says you need to validate your account, but when i go to my email there's no mail send so i can validate huh help...

Um, why do I need a freakin toolbox to do every freaking action. So can you please fix that

Building requires a toolbox. That's not that weird, is it? :)

It actually is. I couldn't pick up a chocolate bar. It said toolbox required.

Validate my account: sorry to send here is that on the page I can not register
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hi :)
need account validation please
mail :
username : Massinissa

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validate account.. nickname - loner21/

Not sure why I need to validate my account here, but here's my email - and here's my nickname - SinisterZek

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1.Validen mi cuenta por favor email: usuario: RuselCM

hola validenme la cuenta porfavor

Validen mi cuenta porfas

hola por favor validen me la cuenta es

hola me has activado mi cuenta 

correo electronico:

 Usuario MarcosBaez95


could activate the account please


user: Thepixi

You should add a First person option


We got Survius'ed

Survius is an Open World Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game.

The game is set on an island named Survius. The island and it's settlements seem to have been deserted. You scavenge the landscape looking for water, food and shelter.

Perhaps you're not the only survivor?

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al registrarme no me llega el correo de activacion mi correo es

Please help ! i don't know how to validate my account plz someone help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :c

What is your nickname? 

Validate my account: alexis sorry to send here is that on the page I can not register
Validate my account: alexis sorry to send here is that on the page I can not register

Hey! I see a Windows and Mac version available but no Linux one, What happen? ;-;

Woops, forgot to upload it. Uploading it now. Should be up in 20 minutes max.

whenever I am playing normally after a while the game crashes and if I minimize and return to the game the screen becomes black then I am forced to close it and enter again when I enter all the items that I have managed to please add this or this except for a way to save my items automatically.

Im about to download it but i'll test it first before donate a bit. Im very excited!

Okay, have fun. 

I cant verify my email it doesnt show up in gmail

I had the same problem, just go to the spam inbox and look there, that is where it was for me.

Ok, Thanks

whats up with the mac versions?

The developer, chaozz, answered this on the Forum (, as follows: "As soon as the building system is stable I will put out a Mac and Linux build again. But for the sake of rapid prototyping I can't at this stage."

if you guys want to improve the game, make the night brighter and make the zombies a little bit slower

Please don't. the Zombies are boring. I vote for more Zombies everywhere :D

yeah maybe the zombies need to be better, but you guys need to change the night



Me Registro Pero No me deja entrar ni nada

alguém ja feis um server desser jogo ? alguém feis um server pirata desse jogo ?

i don't understand the login requiments i have vertifyed my account but it wont work

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nao consigo criar uma conta no me enviam o email de confirmação

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The game will not load whenever i click the server and its starts loading it says ERROR: ID Mismatch 

Please Help!!

UserName: gtastyle114

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