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Creo que el juego necesita una zona de respaw y claro esta que solucionar el tema del PING en Sur América. Yo soy de sur américa y me esta dando 350 ms y en N/A 200, deben solucionar el problema o poner un servidor directamente para LAS/LAN ambos habla hispana juntos. 

La zona de respaw urgente por favor. 

El crash error que sale constantemente tambien. 

Es un buen juego, muy bueno, deberia tener sistema de crafteo. 

For crafting press C (or CTRL in some older versions).

Eu gosto muito desse jogo, mas esta demorando muito para abri, e esta dando crash repetidas vezes.

This weekends update should fix most of those issues.

the game still lagging?

The update 0.8.5 is being tested internally right now. I just sent RC3 to the testers and hopefully I can release it this weekend.

love how my comments about the problems with this game get deleted, seems like developer is willing to take ppls money and not let them know the game is majorly floored. EVERYTIME anyone comments on this their posts get deleted!! There was 3 comments simular to mine earlyer and now they all gone.

Friendly reminder: the game is free. I remember you, you were the guy that said he would only donate if you got instant support.

I only deleted all your duplicates. You were cluttering the comments.

This game is absolutely not without issues. That is why it is in alpha, and I don't charge people, while I keep sinking in time and money.


" I remember you, you were the guy that said he would only donate if you got instant support." 1st of all i have never said any such thing or implied that either so your on the wrong track there, 2nd i had not made ANY duplicate comments , the only comments i made were to replace the one already deleted with no answer to the questions i had asked, same as othe comments by other people getting deleted without answers.

Deleted post

is their a 64 bit for linux now?


The build supports both Linux versions. Read for more details.

it wont open for me

for some odd reason


Why is login soo hrad xDDDD

Verry good game...


Is this game fun yes or no it seems empty and boring please help

It's both right now. I'm still busy building it, but I find it fun. So do others. Meet them on

how many gigabytes do I need dedicated to this game for it to run well?

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Can u fix the controls for mac book pro ? When i left click with my built in touch pad the game doesn't respond . I tried using the letter e as the button for primary but that won't work either . I really enjoy the game except the part were i can't use any of my items . Please fix ASAP

PS if u fix this or give me feedback in 1 hour or less i will give you a reasonable donation . if u don't respond quick  its okay . 


Damnit! Too late!

Hey its fine dude i can still give you a donation don't be mad . I just need help please

hey i asked for help could you please help me with my first question .

i don't think its fair u didn't help me because i didn't give u a donation. i will re-consider giving you a donation if you respond and help me .

You can respond when ever so you know . 

thanks ,


You should try using an external mouse. Also read this:

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Really good game just wondering if the servers ever wipe.

every item has a set lifespan. Buildings that are not maintained vanish.

I can only play on the Asia Server

There needs to be an icon of where you are on the map

just like on a real paper map? ;-)

no like on other games but you can only see your icon

and if you ever add teams then you should be able to see your whole teams icon

Is it possible to make an own server for friends? 

currently you can not.

when it looks for servers it says : cannot retrieve server list then i can only exit game

what can I do ?

Sounds like the server was offline. Does it work now for you?

hey man thx to the quick answer. You were right, I just checked and it worked. gonna play tonight. and consider a good donation!

Much appreciated!

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Hello, I recently downloaded this game  and I ran it smoothly and well with a low end desktop. The performance wasn't an issue though, I ran the game for the first time and it crashed. I ran it again and it was fine didn't crash or anything, logged on to a us server logged off because I died. But I quit the game because the resolution was horrible, but now every time I log in to the game log in to my account and press play, it says that I got timed out. Please fix this, I enjoy these types of games and if this game didn't do this I would rate it 7/10 for an ALPHA game most of those points are because the game doesn't look bad, the community isn't toxic and it runs very well on a low end pc. But the mechanics are little faulty such as the stairs, jumping , respawn mechanic, the loot respawn timer is very long , and also the ping but I can't complain that much for a Alpha game. Overall, I enjoyed this game it's just one issue that is a game breaker for me atleast.

My specs :)

Core: Intel core I5-3470

GPU: PNY Geforce gt 710 512mb (Dedicated)

RAM: 8gb ddr3

Storage: HDD mechanical 500gb (forgot the "speed" :P)

Display: 1920x1080p

Timeout usually means there is a problem with the backend server. Can you please try again now?

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Ok I will hop on

Edit: It works, also a quick suggestion can you make a "remember me" function? Thanks.

I rather not store your password in plain text in the windows registry.

hello your game is very good just I have a bug beacause my steuf are not save.

sorry I am french

It saves your inventory PER SERVER and only if you log out normally and you didn't die. :) So if you played on EU1 and join EU2 after that, you will not have the same inventory!

Hey whats the discord???

would be great if i could get past the verify stuff at the start .... nothing sent to my email (even checked spam, yes), went to support, clicked the link to resend and nothing resent, tried the re register,  nothing... doubled check my detais, all was correct. whats left? 

mail me your account details.

I can't join any server!! How should I proceed?

If all servers are greyed out, that means your ping to each server region (South America, America, Europe, Asia) is over 250 milliseconds. That means your internet connection is not fast enough to play this game sadly.

whats the discord

im blind lol

i can register but i cant login i type the right words it keeps saying ))ERROR)) you need to validate your account.)nCheck your email. HELP PLS

Goes in the message box of your email and confirms the account.

Is there a way to talk?

There is a Discord server running, but no native VoIP. You can type in the public game chat.

how can i create my own account

I'm from Brazil, we played a lot of this game, please, Aki, and great, keep improving it, please, thank you for this game, bye.

I'm from Brazil, we played a lot of this game, please, Aki, and great, keep improving it, please, thank you for this game, bye.

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This game is great overall but I'm having 1 issue...

It crashes alot :(

But I don't really mind, I kind of expected that for a free game.

Overall a great game and I will keep playing!

Hopefully you make the game better and also, plz make thing easier to find, it took me about 40 mins to find 2 sodas... Plz make this respawn faster

Umm how do you play.... like how do you punch and gather weapons please help!!!

When entering a server, press F1. It explains the keys for you.

Deleted post

I just checked, you were banned for using a speed hack.




I found this game from your reddit post

haha same


Nice detective skills :p


Can you provide a link? I am curious now :)


There you are

Why Can not I Join No Server? Everybody Appears In Gray And Will not Leave Me Click To None

that means your ping is over 250 for all servers.

How do you make an axe in this game?

You need to scavenge it from houses.

i will not pay to be a pussy

i mean, i will not pay for clothes

You're not paying for clothes, you're paying to keep development of this free game going. The clothes are just a way for me to say thank you.

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