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The Mac File does not seem to work for me. I downloaded, installed and when i double click it, says "The application "Survius" cant be opened". Im on El Capitan, anybody else had this problem? I would really like to play this game can someone help?

Edit: I deleted the file and downloaded the and downloaded the game through that and it worked. So if anybody else is having same problem on Mac try that out. By the way, I would love an option to invert mouse. Yes i'm one of those weird ones.. down is up and up is down... right?

I keep having this problem--I can't place anything down. Can you help please?


You have to hold the preview item in place. It will be red at first, turn yellow when the place is valid. The wait 2 seconds for it to turn green and place it with the left mouse button.

ok thank you so much that makes the game so much more enjoyable


error to create login account


I run a marketing company focused at promoting and marketing Indie games, i would like your thoughts and opinions on marketing relating to games as i am doing some field research.




I'm not really sure what you're asking, or why. If it's a way to spam your company, here.. have some free advertisement. Your company URL:

Deleted post


My game Cant Register My Account It Sats Status:Registering Account Then It Says Status:Proxy Connect Aborted What is it please tell me

Would anyone can help me I'm not consegindo login

Did you register an account from within the game itself? A forum account is not what you need.

when I create the account in the game an error occurs at login

And what is that error?

Ola amigo o erro de login é pq voce tem que crir uma conta gmail e confirma a conta para voce poder esta logando . boua sorte

Trying to register, keeps saying "connect timed out"

i figured it out.

What was the problem in the end? Perhaps it helps others.

best indie survival game of the year

pd: needs some ts3 server ip or something for comunication

pd2: you banned me from wikia for say "bullshit" in the box page: A box can only be opened or destroyed by the owner (or a person from the same clan ). this is a lie, i destroy a random box whit my axe

I thought you were some troll, spamming the wiki. I think "bullshit" is a poor choice of words for a typo in the wiki, don't you agree? I'll lift the ban.

sorry, english is not my native language, im from argentina :p

its says its free but when i download it says name your price

Which you can skip by clicking the "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" link

This game is like the forest meets Dayz and its really fun!
Keep the work up bro!

(only made by one?! person and its easier to set up than Dayz!)

Yes, one person! And thanks.

With my sincere thoughts of playing in Survius you truly have made an amazing game Chaozz, I love it.

Thank you :)

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You are very welcome and I enjoy the game, it is a joyful enjoyable game, I will donate to you when I am able to get ahead in life, but I want to donate when I can, not only because you have made a great game, because of how much love and caring for the game you have, it has little to nothing to do with the extra stuff, it is because your love for the game means a whole lot Chaozz, Sincerely, a caring person for the love of the game you have for it, Sincerely, Jessie Lynch (myinfojessie)

its says connecting to survius servers,i can't even start the game

eu nao me consigo me registrar sacanagem :(

nao consigo me registrar aqui nao vai e no game carrega e nao vai me ajuda!![meu pc e windos]

waste of time

hello, nice game! but i have enough to escape zombies.. The bind for the weapons dont work for me.. i play on mac. do you have an idea? Playing without a weapon on my hand, i feel like a rabbit.. thank you and keep going! ;)

I can't chop trees , and actually I can't hit anything which make the game useless.

I tried everything, the gun shoots , the axe hits but impossible to get wood or to kill a zombie or a player.

I found this post :

The guys has the same problem ( was 6 months ago do ), he even recorded it and put it on youtube but nobody answered his last post ..

Help please

The tree that this player in de video is hitting does not have a collider. You can see that because he can walk right through it. Find a big tree that you can not walk through and try to hit that.

Ok I have made a test with the help of other players.

The problem is not only about chopping tree , I can't hit anything at all ! ( no tree , zombies , or player )

We met with other player, they hited a tree, it worked , I hited the same tree , it didn't work.

After that I tried to hit them didnt work , didn't work with the axe , didn't work with the bat , even shooting at them with a gun didn't work, and didn't inflict any damage.

I tried dropping the weapon on the ground an take it back it did not work neither...

Hey man the game has potential, most have a crash, when many players enter a server, they take crash and are teleported to a plate.

Crashes are due to a bad internet connection. It's not related to number of players.


has great potential. Amazing with some tweeking. Saddly, since its a one man project it might go unnoticed without a big corperation helping.

  1. thanks ahmed.

I can't register me...

which error do you get? You need to register from within the game.


the status stay in register but never finish

same here. When I try to regester within the game it says it is trying to regester me but never does and just sits there forever

Are you on Mac by any chance?


I'm going to take that as a compliment. :)

wow dayz

Thanks for comparing this one man project to a game made by a professional team. :)

Amazing dude!

Just the sad part that i get teleported under the ground and a sign says i crashed.

Apart from that cool! Voice chat would be cool too ;)

Building houses could be made cheaper i mean it takes so long for me to build one.

Yes, it can be a little buggy at times. Especially when the internet connection is 'weak'.

im trying to registerbut its not letting me

it sucks


Make a better game then fucking retard

like you can do better

Thanks Dreadun777.


Hi, I just downloaded the game and it all works until when it shows "Chaozz Games" then it never loads but the music continues playing. Do you know what to do? Im on ubuntu using wine windows program loader.

I'm sorry that did load eventually but the login page doesnt load any of the words except the title SURVIUS with the zombie next to it.

Mac? wine wundows program loader?

Hi I've got the latest version of the game but it keeps telling me to download the latest version would really love to try it out

Download it again in 10 minutes. I am currently uploading that new version, but it takes a while.

Thanks for getting back so quick, just downloaded at a funky time ^.^

Yeah, my bad. I had to do some database management between versions, so I had to take it down for about 15 minutes. You just happened to stumble across the game in that exact time frame. What are the odds, right?

But it's all up and running again now. Enjoy! :)

Thats How The Goods Games Begun Guys, Kee´Going :D

Thank You Kind Sir That Types Every Word With Capitals! :)

Keep Going! :D


So is this like Dayz?

It's a game in the same genre. But DayZ is made by a large company, and not 1 man. Then again, DayZ is not free.

hello chaozz, i was wondering how to update my game becuase i dont know how to

Hi, just go to and download the newest version.


Hello, I make YouTube Videos! and really Love This Game and was wondering if you would like to Sponsor the Video? This game is really enjoyable and i would like to build a community on it, also if you would like to contact me please do so via Twitter or YouTube @IDIRTYCAM. I will Shout this Page out and share it on twitter and YouTube.

Thanks for liking the game! :)

I run the game on the Fastest setting, and it runs just great for awhile, but after being spawned in for about 30 to 45 seconds, the frame rate drops like mad rendering the game unplayable. Whats happening?

Should be fixed in the current build. Try it out! :)

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ERROR invalid credentials..... tried many different like changing password. lunching

./Survius.x86_64... nothing works..... please help i really like the way your game

Please read

hi I downloaded the folder and extracted it and in terminal chmod +x Survius.x8 ....../Survius.x86 ...... but its not working please help

It's linux

i don't even what Linux is bot ok

I verified my email, and also reset my password but keeps saying "ERROR invalid credentials."


Please use the contact form to give me your email address and alias, so I can take a look.

How do I play? I downloaded the folder and extracted it but I can't play it! Please help me!

In terminal type: chmod +x Survius.x86

then, in the same folder where you have your game data, in your terminal run: ./Survius.x86

I validated my email and I'm trying to log into the game and it keeps saying invalid credentials. What do I do?

Try to reset your password.


it says i needs to validate my account

how do i?


If you didn't get an email when you created your account, you can try resending that email by visiting

Not too bad. Very rough, difficult, but playable.

Fast zeds. Combat is simple, not very sophisticated, you can get outnumbered and killed very easily (very common), not a lot of weapon/range options.

I would prefer a slow(er) rotter zed version. I find the fast zed concept getting old, but in this game it sucks because of how easily/quickly you get overwhelmed.

But it is not a bad alpha model. I hope to see more of it develop.

Thank you for your comments. I'll take them into consideration.


I played it, the first time, for about 6 or 7 hours straight. It was fun working with people.

The world is a rough model, but fun to explore. The F1 Help is not up to date, that created some confusion (it wasn't until about hour 6 that we figured out how to use canteens/fire). Changing weapons, or hats, created multiple images of the items (old graphic does not clear). Scrap metal was really hard to find. Can't tell if the plane drops anything (the fire/smoke crates don't seem to do anything). Are machetes useful for anything? Backpacks are too small, or some more options (upgrades?) for carrying stuff would be nice. Have never found a bow, but did find 2 arrows. But I didn't get stuck anywhere and I didn't fall through the ground anyplace. Do items disappear after a while, or do they fall through the ground? ... That's all I can remember.

But it was fun. I played with a group of people (up to 4 or 5 others, the groups fluctuated) for a very long time (none of us really knew what we were doing), We worked at finding things that others needed, helping people figure out where they were on the map, helped people get the basics for survival, killed PKers, but often it was tricky to explore because the places left alone for a long time would pile-up spawned zombies (deer pyramids were funny). Once a town was taken over, keeping the zeds down was easy.

More but slower zeds would work -- or same speed zeds but more spaced-out would work too. Otherwise it was a really fun several hours. We really got into it. I really do hope you're inspired to keep expanding on it.

(Nice C-64.)

Yo chaoz i play this game every day and I like to roam through out the servers. I see that a lot of mods aren't that active and don't have the chance to see hackers and ban they from ruining the game. As a player when I have full inventory and I get killed by a hacker I stop playing the game. I was wondering what it would take to become mod or if I can be mod since it gets tiring seeing people hack and not being able to to anything about it. That is all thanks

chaoz can you ban _______________ 15 of those I believe he is the same guy as ______x_____ just made a new account and is still hacking.

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