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It won't let me in the game. It says "ERROR You need to validate your account." So I go to my email but it never sends me an email, so I have no idea how to get into the game.


Why does this remind me of DayZ?

Because it's an open world survival game consisting of zombies, weapons, and food.  It has a very similar play style and even looks like Dayz.


Because it's a zombie survival game probably. It's the same genre. But without the big development team, or price tag for that matter. Compare it all you want, I consider this one a compliment.

It won't let me install, I had to uninstall before because it said it wasn;t up to date when it was, now it won't download at all?

I can play with my friends?


hard to find friend and own self.

it is multiplayer?



Love the game, plus I got some good laughs out of some of these comments. Please keep up the awesome work!


Thanks and enjoy!! 

What's new?



I have a problem: when i write my e mail and my passwor I click on login but it says: error invalid credential: can you help me pleas


Did you press register on the login screen first to register an account?


yo how do you play?


Press F1 in the game yo.


fuckin finally it loaded!

1.en que sona puedo encontrar achas ?

I don't understand your language.

Very good game


Thank you!! 



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Chaozz good game I like, I just want to say that it must be difficult to deal with so many complaining people although some say that the game is bad I think it goes by an excellent way :)



I don't speak Portugese 

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Thank you very much!

Chaozz the zip file for GNU/Linux is corrupted please correct this problem.


Did you try to re-download it? I always upload the Linux build last, and perhaps it was still uploading when you downloaded the file.

Chaozz I downloaded it now and it's the same file is corrupted...

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Ok, I am starting the new upload right now. Try again in half an hour after this post.

--edit: upload finished.

The problem with the file being corrupted was not from your upload. Your file is already in trouble try to compress a new one and send it.

chaozz will it still take too long to fix the problem of the corrupted file? If you need help you can count on me to help you ...

 I can't validate my account, what I do?


What error do you get? What is your username?

say:validate your account
and validate it


You need to click the link in the email you get from the game. Check your spam folder. If you want to resend the activation mail visit

It didn't work properly on my Mac. But I've got enough space. I could use some tips of how to get it working. And yes, I did make an account.


Visit our forums,

I loved the game, good job, but in version 0.9.0 the game freezes and loses all the items, could have automatic salvage

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Hello all great update  0.9.0 !

Did you notice?
There is a problem with the machete, no place in the belt or hand.
Once touched you can not let go !!! They stay in one hand forever.

And there are no more deer, no wild life.

Report bugs on the forums please. All these issues have been reported there already and I'm working on fixing them.

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Survius forums? Thanks no more ... Wild life can be heard but not seen. The update great work and thank you for the answer chaozz.

Confirm; wildlife its working!


Keep trying this game keep getting same stupid message of downlaod update.. Well considering I have downloaded it from 2 different places now its getting very annoying.. I would have no problem donating after checking it out if it actually worked... 

Just have a little more patience, because the game is in the process of updating, and the previous version was incompatible with the new version, the developer is striving to bring the update as soon as possible. : D

The game was down while the servers were being updated. It should now be up, so try downloading the game again and installing it.

eu baixei o jogo gratis e ta pedindo pra atualizar e nao consigo alguem pode ajudar ?


Eu também estou passando por isso já instalei , desinstalei e aparece erro isso que eu jogo há tempo tenho base e na madruga do dia 8/11/17 para o dia 9/11/17 até as 4 da madrugada eu ainda jogava e agora quando cheguei do serviço fui fazer o login não consigo tenho medo de não conseguir mais e perder tudo que eu fiz aff ninguém merece.

Add Single Player mode 

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dont get it, srsly. Its just a waste of time. I spent a full 10 hours playing. Saw 2 zombies, no people, a flashlight, ballcap, gun, no ammo. Entertainment at its new low. This is unreleasable, its not even alpha its so undone.

This update allows for zombies to spawn all over the map. Players isn't something we can change. People play when they want and on different servers.

atleast the games still being updated

What are you disputing here?  :P


cant click the server tabs.... so i cant play.. why????

n consigo criar conta oq fasso?

Boa noite, é o seguinte invadiram minha casa e até onde sei não pode acho que usaram hacker na minha casa perdi tudo foi um tal de ( desrespect ) o que posso fazer por favor me ajude obrigado. no servidor US2.

Chaozz, o jogo foi desligado agora. Conversando com alguns outros jogadores, eles estão tendo o mesmo problema. Alguns jogadores ainda não estão jogados e estão vendo muitas bases removidas ea maioria das botas perdidas sem armazenamento de caixas. Essa manutenção é? Só quería Fazer rápido Você Tomar Conhecimento.

Chaozz, the game shut down just now. Chatting with a few fellow players they're having the same issue. Some players are still in-game and are seeing many bases removed and most loot missing from crate storage. Is this maintenance? Just wanted to make you aware.

Hi Chaozz, my game won´t open. it says that the game crashed and then i get a new crash folder. What can i do?

LOL it the best game ever

you should optimize for slower pc, like my pc

it says proxy CONNECTION abort know how to fix?

either your ports are blocked on Windows or on your router.

the login token is rong

how do i connect get the setting of switch controlls. i want to play with my xbox one controller 

Hey Chaozz, could ya pls help me im not recieving my e-mail

chaozz, my ip is banned, there is something you can do, I tried several times and I can not ..

please report on the forums. 

on pm

Try making a thread on the forums and we can help you more there.

I'm playing

Chaozz ! I can not register, does help me?

do you get an error?

When I register, "SSL connection timeout" appears.

Are you able to visit in your browser?

Yes and then ?

the problem is the IP

chaozz, my ip is banned is there anything you can do, I tried several times

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