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i cant even play 

Why not? 

Can anyone give me the name of the song in the menu?

The new update is coming bois!

Looks very cool. No matter what somebody says about graphics! 

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¿Ayuda cuando quiero crear una cuenta me dice que no puedo conectar el host que hago?
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muy simple agregame en skype y te ayudo cual es tu nombre

you speack spanish?

no uso el skype u.u no tienes otra red ?

To validate your account, please login in to your email service (gmail/yahoo etc.) using the mail that you used to register,

Check your 'spams" folder,

If you still don't have it in your "spams" folder, use this link to resend it and check your mail again


Since people appear to be idiots. In order to verify your account, log into your gmail, check your spam folder for an email from Servius and open it. 


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valid my account  plis my gmail: my nick juandex23

valid my acount plis   


nick:      HengridForge

please valid my gmail: my nick is hellboy

hello is anybody there


please valid my and my nick is AFREE

please valid my gmail is and my nickname is SpeedFroz

there should be a message in yourinbox.  just click it and it should validate your gmail.

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when I try to open the game file under documents, it says there should be a data file to executable. I see the data file (I think that's what they're called) but does anyone know what to do with the game data? 

please valid my gmail is and my nickname is SpeedFroze

please valid my gmail is and my nickname is Furutinha

Porfavor validen mi cuenta :

me validan mi cuenta porfavor

es :

validen mi cuenta por favor

looking at ur comment about validating the email make me laugh 

XD *ecks deeee*

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1.validar mi cuenta por favor

nombre de usuario:GARDYY

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oigan ya me validaron la cuenta todo pero en el juego me sigue apareciendo q valide la cuenta mi cuneta es :

Please validte my Gmail Username: Timmy18 /Porfavor validar mi gmail Nombre de Usuario: Timmy18

por favor validem meu e-mail

Username: alexbuen0

porfavor podrian volver a enviarme el correo de verificacion me aparece Invalid Token Reenviar verificacion de gmail pls Username:AirFluxYT

Please validte my Gmail Username: AirFluxYT /Porfavor validar mi gmail proeldestroyer@gmailcom... Nombre de Usuario: AirFluxYT

Plz Validate my Gmail


Plz Validate my Gmail


Cars adn cars

validen mi cuenta, por favor


username: menostrece


por favor e querido jugar desde que vi el trailer y no puedo jugar validen mi cuenta es 

username : Cabalfireman1


for ppl who asking " can you validate my account?" pls go to your email and look for new verification messages and if you don't find any then go to spam section to find it. I'm very sad seen so many asking for validation. 

can you valadate my acc the username is Doukow and my email is Tanks


PLS vaildate my account


validate it yourselves, you idiots

Podrian validar mi cuenta por favor:

Username: Pap1ta

validen mi cuenta me dice que no esta validada

username: WiniPuu

validen mi cuenta plis

username_:Wini Puu

valid my account please

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