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cam you valadate my account, my email is

can you valadate my acc the username is TheWalkinDemon and my email is

1.No me llega el mensaje de confirmación tengo 3 Días esperando 

Por Favor les pido Ayuda

 Mi cuenta

Mi password: sanalikaispano28

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por favor! confirmen mi cuenta! no me deja entrar! y no me mandan el correo que hago?

mi cuenta es


it says invalid credentials, i need some help

This game will have a lot of players when it gets to steam <3

Omg it got greenlit? Thats awesome, when is the steam release date? I can't wait!

See it here, although it seems it may not happen soon :(


please validate my account my username is LinkonGames

please i love this game

Hi i thing i have to say pls register me 4 this game ? 

Acc Name :


Name:               SpawnOfDisgust

A Alguno ya se le a verificado la cuenta ? y si es asi cuanto tiempo paso?

Anyone already verified the account? and if so, how much time?

my account, please validated

looks interesting i may try it


now my problem is when i login to the game?.. why cant i join servers???

i now know how to validate your account.... follow my steps... 

step 1 login your gmail or other sorts of emails..

step 2 click spam on your gmail and you will see your message from survius

help me i cant validate my account??? can you help me pls??


why many people always asking about verify their account? If want to make an account  they must be have Email or Gmail rigth?

you need any email 

validate my account please (

its not sending me any conformation thing on survius my acc is tokomaru115

Verifiquen mi cuenta pls  ( Nombre: Black75_YT

Also i would need to say as the validating message is in the spam folder you the (creator) has responsibility to verify the validate messages.

Hello, i have validated my account and for reasons that so many problems people have about validating i did this:

*so i guess you have made your account and have gone into your email looking for the mail you should have just got, now here's the problem I also didn't see it but if you look in your spam mail folder it should be there. If it's not, look in other folders and if it's not even there reply and i'll try to help the best i can :D

Thank u bro

No prob

bro help me i cant validate my account??? can you help me pls??


You have to look into your mail (still guessing u did that).Just look into every folder for mails;spam, normal, mail, trash bin(email).

It's headline should be something about a  survius Verification.

Verifiquen mi cuenta (

Verify my acc please! Email: Username: Duckling

verify my account ( username furiousgamer008

i am intrested to play plz fast

verify my account ( )    name: uqer

plz verify my account (     User name :  apown


me pican las bolas

jugue solo 5 veces y ya ni entra el juego

jugue solo 5 veces y ya ni entra el juego

La version free solo sobrevivi 3 dias y se me sale el juego , tambien cada vez que muero y quiero entrar me sale un cartel y se tilda


what is the '500 internal server error' how do i fix it

oh somebody pls help. The game crashes again every time i play it for 30 minuets.

can i run this game on 2gb ram computer??

Account Mav3rick banned for spam - ive only made 1 post ?

can anyone help ?

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Plz Admin can U verify my account: {   } User name: Incognito441

verify my account



Your problem is solved ?

can you please add an offline mode I live in New Zealand and all the servers are far away so can you please add an Lan offline mode

That is currently not possible due to how the alpha is setup. Sorry.

Does anyone else experience the error when it says, "Can not retrieve server list (DisconnectB…)"? (after the 'B' the words go off the screen) If so, how do you fix this?

This usually indicates there is a problem at the server-host. The only thing you can do is trying it again after an hour or so.

Are you guys still working on this game? 



 so far nobody has done anything about the unfair ban I received. I find it strange, are the developers of the game given support or cover up racist behavior?

Hi Sage Emperor, 

I'm just another player of the game, with some advice:

Did you know about the Official Forum for the game Survius Forums and specifically about the place to appeal bans? Ban Appeal [Guidelines]

Good Luck!

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