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Survius is an Open World Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game.

The game is set on an island named Survius. The island and it's settlements seem to have been deserted. You scavenge the landscape looking for water, food and shelter.

Perhaps you're not the only survivor?

The main features:

  • Free-to-Play
  • Open World
  • Multiplayer
  • Persistent items
  • Island is roughly 4×4 km
  • In active development
  • Modular building system (build your own base!)

More information

Published 2 years ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date 1 year ago
TagsMultiplayer, Open World, Survival, Third Person, Zombies
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


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Survius 0.8.8
Survius 0.8.8
Survius 0.8.8

Custom Outfits

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Custom Outfits

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it says proxy CONNECTION abort know how to fix?

the login token is rong

how do i connect get the setting of switch controlls. i want to play with my xbox one controller 

Hey Chaozz, could ya pls help me im not recieving my e-mail

chaozz, my ip is banned, there is something you can do, I tried several times and I can not ..

please report on the forums. 

on pm

Try making a thread on the forums and we can help you more there.

I'm playing

Chaozz ! I can not register, does help me?

do you get an error?

When I register, "SSL connection timeout" appears.

Are you able to visit https://survius.com in your browser?

Yes and then ?

the problem is the IP

chaozz, my ip is banned is there anything you can do, I tried several times

What is new in this update?



chaozz não consigo me registrar, oque faço ?

the email from this account is too old, could take the ban from another more recent nickname account: Ocular

(Edited 1 time)

was ban on ip so I strongly agree that affected this new account

Ok, you're good to go.

y wont it let me play it?

I'm still banned chaozz

I unbanned the player named filhaoo ,  but that is not you?

(Edited 3 times)

no i didnt know it .Please unblock my account i like this game and  now i will  play it without cheats

I would have really wanted to download game but 5 euro I can not let me hope that the price drops ...

The game is FREE. If you donate 5 euro's you can customize your character.

(Edited 1 time) (-1)

sorry I did not know it was illegal. I will not do it again but can you unblock my account please to can play with my brother


You didn't know using a cheat was illegal?


Sorry I have been banned and I have not done anything wrong please if you could tell me how to unblock my account

The game banned you for using a speedhack.

virus software says the update is not safe for PC

chaozz, could remove my ban, I believe that the ip is banned, once I ended up being banned but I do not understand why, and now I'm coming back to play .. could I do that ?. thank you !

You were banned a year ago for using a wallhack :)

I never used it .. I do not know how to use lol.

if I am not mistaken I was banned even because I had invaded the residence of another player with an old friend of mine, and in that my friend decided to break things of him, anyway it was this

It was a year ago, so sure, I will lift your ban. No problem.

but I've never used a hacker

You're unbanned

Deleted post

Shiba daba doo. cool game

Thank you :)

any ways to reduce lag please someone reply it will be help full my games runs ok enough to play but not to enjoy if there is any methods let me know

like the game is really slow when in buildings and when I'm attacking :(

Yeah there is a method, buy a better PC with a graphics card...

hola necesito ayuda, como hago para obtener un hacha en survius?

Hi, I need help, how do I get an ax in survius?

Terrible Terrible game. Terrible Optimization and lack of quality.

Need a refund?

Please bring me back to the game I have not made any mistake

They banned me for no reason and I did not make a mistake with anyone

The game looks amazing! But I have one problem.....

I cant play on any servers. Do you think that it is becuase I live in South Africa or is it something to do with the game?

best free game :) 




wow, thanks =)


this game is litttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

lowkey what i said when i saw the picture


I want to play this game, but when I get to the server list, they are all greyed out, even on lists that are showing active servers. I would like some help in fixing this problem.

This means your ping is over 250 for each of the servers. Your internet is either too slow, or you don't live near one of the servers (USA, South America, Europe, Asia)

are more servers going to be added in the future to prevent this from happening? Because my internet is really good at running mmos.

where are you located in the world?

Michigan, US.

I'm also from MI and can play on all but the AS servers. What pings are shown for you on the servers?

hello . i have a problem  , i banned for no reason before 4 days , i can't communicate with the management and i cant post my problem  on the game wall forum  , can you help me plz ( Momen / M.ghoush@hotmail.com )

The ban reason states: Banned for being a duplicate of abughoush90

That player was banned for harassment and foul language in the game chat. If you like you can dispute the ban by registering on the forums. I also saw your email about failing to register on the forums. I took the liberty of resetting your password, and supplying the new password via email.

OK thank you very much , the registration worked . 

Just for the record, you are unbanned.

Check the host because it can not be that in South America has 350 of ping and in NA has 200.
Although now someone is hosting in NA that is giving an easy 260 PING.
I do not know what kind of methods they use, but please repair that so that Latinos can play on our server or last improve the server in North America.

want to buy this game , but im in sea , can imagine how much ping i got

The game is free, but I accept donations! And just try downloading it to see how high your ping is, there are servers in US, SA, EU and ASIA.

The upgrade, but it has some bugs that I would like to report them:
-It is not possible to put stairs
-Air Drop falling empty box
-This taking too long to open the doors of the houses and of the bases
-Bug HOST LAG remains very laggy, more than before.

If you solve these bugs, it helps guys play better.

No pasa de la pantalla de carga que esta pasando, la version que uso es la 0.8.6

Update ficoui almost good.
-The doors are open or close, bad takes too long.
-I have some 50 boxes full in my Base, I can not open and not make any more box.

Best regards,

Deleted post

hello friend  

¿No se puede actualizar o parchar? ¿Hay que descargar todo el juego desde 0 en cada actualización? 

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